Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I've been in a daze!

I think today was worse!

I went to the Gammil dealer, Cowles Quilting Machines , to return the leaders and pins from the Corn & Bean quilt. If you recall, I went home with the quilt in order to do more ripping! I decided that I was not going to attempt machine quilting this project on a long arm. I need lots more practice!

When I took the class that would allow me to rent the machine, I was informed by the owner Julie and confirmed by the teacher Beth, that I would get leaders with it. I thought $125.00 with leaders was reasonable for a 3 hour class. I've enquired a few time regarding the leaders and was told that they are still working on it. Today, I asked the owner and she tells me that they will not be giving leaders because "the price has gone up and well, they are now $75.00 and the cheapest they can get them is $65.00 so they just won't do that". I was floored! I cannot believe that she would go back on her word!

Guess what, Gammils are off my list!

June 14, 2008 I saw Julie from Cowles Quilting and decided that I needed to talk to her about how I felt regarding what took place back in March. I didn't like the fact that I was avoiding the store and Beth. After discussing the issue, she has offered to give me a credit of $35.00.

On a more cheerful note, I did get some fun mail yesterday.

I placed an order a few weeks ago with Material Chicks, an on-line shop in New Zealand.

I bough two (2) pattern books from Bronwyn Hayes, Tea with Friends and Polka-Dot Girls. I just love her work!

With my order, they included a cute stitchery block with floss from none other than Bronwyn Hayes. I just love it! It says "Keep a pinch of Christmas Magic in your pocket." How cute is that?

Well, I would certainly recommend this shop! They have the cutest packaged Polka Dot Girls kits. I was going to order a few until I realized that they were the same patterns that were in the Book I purchased. They would make the cutest gifts!

You know, stitchery projects are starting to accumulate like my quilt PIGS (Project In Grocery Sac). I'm starting to have quite the stitchery pattern collection! Oh well!

I want to thank you for your kind support regarding my long arm ordeal! It meant a lot to me!


Vicki W said...

Well, at least the day ended well! That's a real bummer about the longarm dealer. I'm sorry it has been so frustrating.

Patti said...

I'd write off that shop as well as that machine dealer. What a lousy thing to do.

A lot of people steered me away from Gammill when I got my longarm. There are more Gammill's around than any other brand because they do the most advertising and have done so for years. APQS runs a close second. Both are very expensive because someone has to pay for all that advertising. I am very happy with my machine - which was thousands less because they don't advertise. Same is true with the A-1 machine - I've heard lots of great things about it also.

If you are thinking about buying a longarm eventually try to attend one of the big machine quilting shows. There is one in New England - can't remember what it's called. I don't think it's MAQS but it's something like that. All the dealers are there and you can try all the machines as much as you want. Having a good dealer is almost more important than the machine - it's the dealer you will need to go to when you need help. It was my dealer as much as the machine that caused me to buy the one I did.

Kim West said...

I don't blame you for being frustrated!! That was horrible to do; and for them to go back on their word! Poor customer service... anyone who doesn't think that stuff won't get out in this day and age is ignorant! Hope your search fairs better next time!

Karrin Hurd said...

I just can't believe the experience you have had with that place, I would write them off too. BTW I love your package. You can never get enough stitchery projects, as I well know! I have had friends go to that MAQS too and have good experiences.

Carol said...

How frustrating and what horrible customer service...I'd be writing that one off. Love your package in the mail..."Pinch of Christmas" is as cute as it can be.

Darlene said...

Oh, your long arm ordeal has been incredibly frustrating! GRRRRR! I'd definitely write-off that dealer but I wouldn't write off Gammill. Call Gammill directly and tell them about your miserable experience - they should know!

Your stitchery goodies are wonderful. You're going to thoroughly enjoy the Bronwyn Hayes projects. I need to get back to my Polka Dot Girls - they keep me smiling. :-)


Libby said...

What a terrible way to treat a customer . . . I'd surely let the Gammil company know of the poor service being given by one of their dealers.
Good thing the day ended on a happy note and a fun package *s*

swooze said...

How frustrating. I have a couple friends that have offered to let me play on their long arms but this experience is what keeps me from it! I hope you resolve what you want to do on your quilt!

Unknown said...

She won´t be long in business if she goes back on her words many times, what a lousy thing to do. It is always good to learn about "good" shops, you can never shop enough.

Meredith said...

Well another learning experience for you! I have also been looking at long arms so thanks for all of the information. I am considering APQS but I am very unsure so for now I just wait. The price of the machine I want was so much. Enjoy your new toys.

Kim said...

Goodness! This is not a good move on the part of the shop owner. They should no better than to shaft a customer. Hope you have options and will continue to pursue long arm quilting somehow. Nice that your order arrived just in time to soften the blow.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to hear you had such a difficult time with Gammil. However, I would like to thank you for sharing that site it was awesome.

Wendy said...

That's frustrating to have someone go back on their word.

On the brighter side your package of goodies looks like fun. I've surely been having a ball with the PDG's.

Janet said...

Hi Carole: how frustrating!!! I believe in the concept of slow quilts - eveything by hand - part of the push for fast fast fast comes from the industry itself looking for ways to keep their inventory moving.But, I have seen wonderful work done by machine quilters and know that the skills can be acquired with the right sort of support and guidance,which you certainly didn't get from this particular dealer - Gamill needs to know this!
Have a great weekend and enjoy all your lovely little goodies that arrived!
I am making up a seed catalogue order- helps to have an active fantasy life!
Janet in cold damp ans yucky coastal Nova Scotia.

Ruthie said...

What a frustrating experience for you. Please know that not all Gammill dealers are the same. I'm not representing anyone, but would suggest that you start out with a much looser pantograph, like Popcorn. If you're planning a vacation to Indiana, I would be happy to help you use my machine.

Sweet P said...

Watch out for stitchery projects. They do have a way of accumulating quickly. Ask me how I know!

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