Monday, January 7, 2008

The People's Place Quilt Museum - Partie IV !

This will post will conclude my recent travels to Amish Country, Pennsylvania. Sadly, I did not take notes on the quilts I photographed. They are gorgeous! The workwomanship is phenomenal.

The Museum is located on the second floor of The Old Country Store. The quilts on exhibit are made by Amish and or Mennonites women.

As you reach the top of the stairs you are greeted with yet another gift shop!

By now I'm pretty much all gift shopped out! There's really nothing else to say about the "gifty" part of this tour. So let's head out to the quilts!

Libby, I thought of you when I saw this one! Very small pieces! Oh so gorgeous! I just love the way the various beiges work so well together

Here you have your traditional Amish quilts. They are my favourite!

The colours on this quilt was just magnificent. So bright and cheerful! The picture really does not do it justice.

This is one of my favourite quilts!

That is a beauty! I stood there for a long amount of time admiring the workwomanship! I cannot imagine the hours that went into this quilt! The stitches are perfect! It took my breath away!

If anyone of you would like to make me a whole cloth for a special occasion, I will gladly accept it. Valentine's day is coming up! Oh and my birthday is on November 3, that should give you plenty of time to whip one up for me! ;o)

This concludes my trip. Again I apologize for not having taken down the names of the individuals who created these work of art. I would recommend going to the Old Country Store and viewing these treasures for yourself. Do plan on spending a day in Intercourse. There's really so much to see!

Thank you for visiting with me! Have a great day!


Darlene said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour. It's an area I'd love to visit sometime but alas I doubt that it will ever happen. I have a deep admiration for the Amish people.

CONNIE W said...

Such works of beauty. Love those quilts.

May Britt said...

Thank you for showing all these wonderful photos from your trip. Me too love that last quilt you shows. So wonderful quilted.

Susan said...

Great pictures! Thank you for sharing! I could be wrong, but I'm suspecting you may have to make that whole cloth quilt for yourself. =)

Unknown said...

This has been a fantastic journey you took us on, thank you so much, I almost felt I was in the shop, and that will have to do for a while. If you get two quilts you may send one to me :)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

What great quilts. I too love that whole cloth. It's beautiful. Thanks for the tour!! Good job.

Libby said...

Oh my they are each beautiful . . . but you are so right - I am drawn to those little itsy pieces. Deelish *s*

Anne Ida said...

Ok, sometime during my life I will make a wholecloth quilt! ...just need to brush up on my quilting... That is absolitely gorgeous!

I love those black and multi coloured baby blocks quits as well!

Thank you for sharing such great pictures.

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