Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ditch Witch Proclamation!

Fellow loyal subjects of the Land of Stashbusters, it is moi again, Ditch Witch and am here to fulfil my duties. However, due to events within my control that I have now become out of control, there will be a short proclamation.

Trumpets please:

By Proclamation of your Royal Hinny Listmom, as Ditch Witch of the land of the Stashbusters, my duty is to assist you in unshackling … blah, blah ... so on and so forth………..

This weeks Ditch Item – continuing to work on the past two proclamations!

For a reminder please see the following link:

Ditch the by-product of your creativity that do notgive you pleasures!

Out with the old and in with the new!

I declare Wednesday May 02, 2007 to be the day of revisiting the past two Ditching items! Please ensure that you have properly carried out the previous declarations.

Our motto: Ditch it before it Ditches you!

Our symbol: The broom

End of proclamation

*Disclaimer: Ditch Witch and/or the Governing bodies of the Land of Stashbusters are not responsible for those items that you have chosen to dispose that my come back and haunt you!

Thank you - back to my regular schedule programming - papers. Where's my chocolate?

Ditch Witch
Land of Stashbusters

Ps: I will blog about my quilting course with Shar soon!


Wendy said...

Too funny....I'm still working on it, thanks for the reminder.

Susan said...

I am the happy recipient of many a ditched project! I turn them into quilts for 1) American Heroes quilts; 2) quilts for children who lose a parent in war; and 3) quilts for children with cancer - Quilts4Cancer. I love it when people clean out their UFOs. =)

CONNIE W said...

I am having an "ARRGGHHH" type of a day and would like to ditch this longarm machine. Today is my day of frogging (aka "rip-it, rip-it") due to problems the machine is having with something or call to the company has been made, they are going to call me back...will be operating on the machine very soon...
I just took a break from frogging to have a chocolate bar - not a piece, but the whole bar...I can't say I feel better, but certainly no worse! he he he he he...
OK, playtime is over, it's back to the longarm to continue picking out yesterday's quilting stitches...Just call me 'your frog-ness' today RIP-IT RIP-IT (arrrgh)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Okay-- I have carried out (way out...) two old and uninteresting UFO's to make room for what I'm stitchin' (not ditchin') this weekend on retreat. Thanks for today's declaration, it came just in time! Now, may I have chocolate, please? ;)

Jeanne said...

How appropriate! I've been cleaning in my sewing room since I returned from Paducah with new stuff.

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