Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Blogging withdrawal!

School has taken over my life. I'm presently writing a loooooonnnnnnnggggggg paper that I want done by next week. This is work left over from my first surgery back in April 2006. This health saga left me with seven (7) papers to write in order to complete my courses. Needless to say, with the ongoing health issues it hasn't been easy to get them out of the way. But this is it folks, my last paper for Feminist Hermeneutics and what a whopper it is. I want it out of the way so that IF, I'm expecting a miracle folks, I need surgery again in June, I will not be stressing out about school. I know it sounds stupid to stress about school when you're on the operating table, but I guess that's just me! I did want my paper done by tomorrow as I have an appointment to see my advisor, but alas that will not be the case. So I thought I'd take a little sanity break and blog.

As I've mentioned, not much is going on quilt wise. Every project is pretty much at a stand still. We did put our pool up the first weekend of May, the water being a hot 50F (10C). It took all my patience to keep my daughter from going in the pool for a dip! Yesterday I gave in and allowed my cold blooded daughter to go for a swim. The water temp was a hot 68F (20C). She must have stayed in there for about an hour. She actually convinced her friend to swim with her. This is the earliest she's been in the pool. Today we are expecting temperatures around 81F, so I'm guessing she'll want to go for a dip. It wont be a long one as she has horseback riding today.

Tonight I have my guild meeting. It's our dinner meet, where we each bring a dish and dine together. I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening with my guild. There should be lots of food. I'm making a Salade d'amour. I haven't made that in years. I wanted to stay within the healthy food range ;o).

Well I should get going. I need to bring an asparagus dish, made by Stephen, to my daughter's school. It's teacher's appreciate week and they are having a luncheon. I do want to mention that I do read blogs as a break. My mind has just not been much in the comment mood!

Thanks for allowing me to keep in touch with my sanity!


Kim said...

Okay, so what's "Feminist Hermeneutics"? Feminist I get. The other I've never heard of. Sounds like writing that paper would be a real fun task--NOT! LOL! I understand the stress about school thing though--I would be the same way. Take care of yourself though! Have fun at guild.

Darlene said...

You take care of yourself - stress is NOT good for the body (ask me how I know!). Do what you need to do and we'll be here when you're ready to "play" again.


Wendy said...

I agree with Darlene, stress can be nasty on your health. Enjoy school and we'll see you when your done.
Sounds like your daughter really takes advance of the pool.

CONNIE W said...

Glad you popped in to let us know what's up. Take care!

Anne Heidi said...

Good luck on your paper- I'm not even goig to ask what that loong word meant... and enjoy the guild meeting- sounds delicious :)

Leigh said...

Hi Carole, questions today rather than comments :-)
1/ Have you given Carolyn here quilt yet?
2/ What was her reaction?
3/ What exactly is salad d'amour? (Sounds like you should be staying home and sharing it with Stephen lol.

Please try and stress less, I know it's not easy but what will be will be and you can't change anything by stressing over it.
And remember this is a good place to come when you are worrying - it's good therapy.

atet said...

I'm right there with you on the stress thing. And yes, finishing it DOES make you feel better (even when there are more important things to worry about) because it is something you can control. Sometimes health issues you can't, you darned well can write that paper! I just finished one of my own (not on Feminist Hermeneutics -- better you than me on that one). Hang in there -- YOU CAN DO IT! (ok, I believe in cheering sections for things like writing papers -- athletes aren't the only ones who need cheerleaders)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

OK-- I'll bite (pun intended) what is Salade d'amour? I hope you had a lovely time at your Guild Dinner. Do take care, praying for restored good health as you face your surgery. I need the water to be toasty-warm before I would stick even a baby toe in!

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