Sunday, November 13, 2022

Just insanely busy .... Sigh!

That's all ... Not much time to do anything worth blogging about. However, I have been picking up my knitting needles every now and again. 

I've been working on colour work socks. Colour work on a large project is challenging enough in itself... you should try it on a pair of socks ... using double pointed needles!

I was having difficulties dragging my yarn across four needles. My yarn dragging tension was not consistent, causing loose stitches. I decided to invest in some Addi Flexiflips to see if it would solve my issue. 

They come in a set of three needles housed in a lovely tube.

It took getting used to them. I started out using size 2mm (US 0) and found that I couldn't get a grip on the needle. When a row is done, my little pinky tends to grip the working needle, as I move to another section to stitch. The needle would slip out of my hands. I even lost one, which fell in between the cracks of my mother's wooden back porch. Costing more than your typical double pointed needles, I was ready to write them off! Thanks to two extremely persevering men in my family, they managed to fish it out from between the cracks of the wood planks. Note to self, do not use in places where the needle can get lost between the cracks.

I found that using Addi Flexiflips improved my tension and lead to better stitches. Instead of four gaps that you need to cross the yarn, I only had two.

I am getting more and more comfortable with colour work socks to the point where I was no longer frogging my attempt. I lost count of the number of times I took it all apart. I decided that I had to stop and just knit. 

The pattern is called Forest Path Socks by Patricia Anne Fortune of Knitography Farm Designs. It is available on Ravelry here. I used Rauma Yarn 2-Trads Gammelserie, a wonderful yarn from Norway.

I do like how they turned out. Pumpkin fell in love with them .... Can you guess who now owns these socks? LOL I don't mind. It's just a joy when my daughter loves what I create. I can knit another pair for myself. My colour work will only get better! 

The pattern is easy to follow with clear instructions. I do love how Patricia does the back of the heel. It's a stitch sequence I can see myself incorporating in other sock patterns. 

Thanks for stopping by. Catch you all later! Cheers!


Kim said...

The socks are beautiful and look like they were well worth the learning experience and now they have a fun story as well. Love the socks. ♥️ Happy to see you are knitting.

WoolenSails said...

Those socks are beautiful. You have a lot more patience than I, I would have given up at the first mistakes.


Thimbleanna said...

Those socks are beautiful! And thanks for the review of the flexi-tips. I've always wondered about them. I knit socks using the magic loop method, but I get tired of sliding the cable around all the time -- sounds like flexi-tips would be just the ticket!

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