Friday, May 27, 2022

UFO reduction mode

 After the "Next Door Neighbor" semi completion/flimsy stage, I decided to pull out another project to work on. Many many many moons ago (May 2010) I started Trick or Treat by Blackbird Designs. I just love that quilt.  It's from the book When the Cold Wind Blows

I must have been in a block prep mood before I put the project way because I have lots and lots of basket prepped and ready to machine appliqué ... Bonus!

I quickly got to work and started machine appliquéing
I will admit, it gets a tad tedious machine appliquéing baskets after baskets, which is probably why I put it away. After a while, I tend to get sloppy, which is an indication that I need to pull away. In the space of a couple of days, did manage to complete this pile.

It is a gorgeous quilt and I do intend to finish it. It's just going to take some time.

For those curious to see the finished quilt ....
Now I need to get busy on the Churn Dash SAL. 

Catch you all later! Cheers!


Chookyblue...... said...

Those baskets are so cute

Lady Locust said...

I have this book also, and that basket quilt is the reason I bought it! Do please share your progress. Love the natural tones you chose.

loulee said...

That is a lot of little baskets. I can see why you might need a break now and then.
Enjoy the churn dash sew along.

Louverna said...

I'm making the basket quilt. I'm doing each basket by needle turn applique by hand. I can do one basket in an evening. I have about 75 finished. The pattern calls for 291 baskets, but I may not do that many. We'll see.
I hope to see your progress.

WoolenSails said...

That is going to be a beautiful quilt. You have a lot more patience than I.


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