Sunday, December 12, 2021

Strategic planning ...

 When I start on a new project, I always think about how I'll tackle it to maximize my cutting, as well as the execution. I thought I would share how I planned my latest wool project, Posey Party.

I traced and cut my pieces. Once that is done, I started with stitching the center of the flowers. 

When I work on a project that is wool on wool, I'm a pin kind of gal and do not use fusible. However, since the stems were small, it made sense to use a fusible. My favourite fusible is Heat N Bond Feather lite. It needles beautifully. I proceeded to build the stem circles.
I would stitch the stems before placing another row. 

Once all my stems are stitched on, my next stage is building the circle with flowers and leaves. I will work one stage at the time, starting with the center. Once the center is stitched, I'll build the next row ... stitch and onward to the next.
Because I use pins, working in rows makes it easier and less bulky for stitching. I use a combination of DMC or Cosmo floss (one to two strands depending on the size of the piece) and Valdani size 12 hand dyed pearl cotton. I like to match the colour to my wool piece. 

Some people like to have everything pinned or fused and then start stitching. I like to work in stages. It's less bulky and I don't get pricked by pins. Even with the fusible, I find that the pieces will sometimes come off from the manipulation of the block.

There you have it, a mini tutorial on how I plan the Posey Party project.

If you are interested in the pattern, leave a comment. I'll get in touch with you to get your snail mail address.

Thanks for stopping by. Catch you all later! Cheers!


Caro said...

I love this pattern and am interested in it. Thanks for sharing your process too!

WoolenSails said...

I am similar in how I work, I do use pins and work in sections, a lot less overwhelming to work in stages.


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