Monday, August 2, 2021

Farmer's Market

 I have now switched to working from home. I had avoided this for quite some time. I figured, working at the office would get me out of the house. But, I will admit, I am enjoying working from home. 

Because I am such a home body (what can I say I'm comfortable in my home ... it's so peaceful and there's so much to do) I have to plan outings. So ... on Saturday, I went to the Farmer's Market. It was nice to get out ... it was such a gorgeous day. 

Bought lots of locally grown organic vegetables and treated myself to a bouquet of flowers from Mossbrook Roots Flower Farm. Who knew we had a flower farm in our area.

They included Thai Basil in the bouquet, it smells so lovely!

I do hope you are taking the time to enjoy the outdoors. We have had such a lovely summer here in way upstate NY.

Thanks for stopping by. Catch you all later.

1 comment:

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I really enjoy working from home, and like you, I have to make myself go out now and then to make sure I don't forget my people skills.

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