Monday, March 16, 2020

Stop the world, I want to get off ....!

Can someone explain to me what is going on?

On my way back from Albany, I stopped in Plattsburgh to do my weekly grocery shopping and was puzzled to see such a packed parking lot .... unusual for a Monday!

Once inside I was greeted by an empty vegetable section ..... WTF! Not a potato to be had anywhere!

Ok onward to pick up some milk and ..... meat counter bare except for hot sausages!

Not only that but the canned vegetable & legume section were bare and so was the canned broth section ... the frozen vegetable section ... totally empty!

and not a paper product to be had anywhere ...

My experience at Hannafords scared me to death ...

People's carts were filled, over flowing with stuff ...  some had two carts filled .... there was enough food for six (6) months if not more in there!!!! And here I was with my little cart barely filled .... couldn't even get a gallon of organic 1% milk! All out of stock!

Strangely, the beer section was not empty ..... Now that's totally weird!

I'll tell you ... I am more scared of people's present behavior than I am of the virus. Wow!

Stay healthy everyone .... physically and especially emotionally/psychologically!



Ann in PA said...

So sad that people are hoarding. I understand the panic but we all need to settle down and use common sense. One of our local family owned group of stores is limiting the amount of products per person. Another large franchise has empty shelves and frozen food dept., but that family owned store now has sonstant supply of everything. This is the time to take a step back and be safe, keep others safe, but it's just as important to keep in touch via modern technology or just a phone call for those who are not connected. Blessings & be well.

Sue SA said...

I have been buying a little extra for weeks, but yes this week in my small rural home town there are empty shelves everywhere, where as previously it was mainly toilet paper and tissues that were out of stock. The supermarkets are finally bringing in limits, but I heard that they are so behind with deliveries because of panic buying that it will take up to two weeks to get back to normal. Not sure normal is a word we can use at present!

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