Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Pizza party .....!

Last Sunday, I invited some friends over for a pizza party! What fun and I didn't have to cook! They make their own pizza so if they don't like what they're eating, it's on them! lol

The beauty of this dough is that you can "retard" the dough. That is, slow down the rate of fermentation by placing it in the refrigerator after an hour of fermentation; to be enjoyed at a later date

I made a batch dough, divided into six (6) 250g portions and threw one in the fridge while the others were in the proofer.

 Pulled it out of the fridge on Wednesday for a pizza lunch. Ohhh, looks kind of strange!

Shaped it into a nice round pizza and cooked it.

However, I still need practice using a peel ... Somehow it just doesn't slide off like in the movies! lol

It's a heart pizza!

It was delicious! Yummy lunch!

Hum ... would that be considered a left over? lol

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

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Needled Mom said...

That’s such a great idea for a party. When we do our dough I like to put it in the fridge for a day to rest as it doesn’t fight when shaping it . They say the little balls also freeze well. We tend to eat ours so I haven’t tested that. As I mentioned before, semolina on the peel helps with the sliding issue.

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