Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Coming to my senses .... just a bit!

The other day, I fell in love with this cute little quilt called Have Yourself A Quilty Little Christmas by Lori Holt from Bee in my Bonnet.

This woman has cuteness overload going on. Everything she touches is cute! I fell in love!

Pulled out from my stash this fat quarter tower, Little Joys by Elea Lutz, that I have been safekeeping for quite some time, which actually turned out to be a half yard tower .... Bonus ... and started dreaming planning!

Not sure what happened next, but I decided to clean organize my Quilting Studio closet. I had a few empty bins from Fibre's closing and thought I would use them to store unfinished wool and hand embroidery projects. Well .... It didn't take long for me to realize that I had bins overflowing! That certainly put a damper on things!

So, the dreaming stopped and I decided to work on the many projects that needed my attention.

Next time you're inspired to create .... DO NOT organize your quilting studio closets!

Catch you all later!

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Kigwit said...

I think it's in the water this time of year. On Christmas day I went through and organized my mother's tupperware cupboards. I thoroughly enjoyed it although my sons keep feeling my forehead for a temperature.

Yesterday I organized all of my knitting tools.

Today I'm eyeing my closet.

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