Wednesday, June 28, 2017

When Witches Fly ....!

I absolutely love anything having to do with witches. As most of you probably know, my favourite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. Yep, I'm a big Santa fan!

I have a mountain of hand embroidered blocks stitched that are waiting patiently to be pieced into a quilt top. This one was completed on January 3, 2016!!!!!

Last night I decided that it was high time to tackle one of them!

Ta dah!

I just love how this little quit turned out! It's the cutest quilt top!

The pattern is called When Witches Fly by Crabapple Hill Studios. The pattern is available at Fibre Junction's website here.

Now, I'm all motivated to finish another one of  those stitched blocks! Watch out .... unless .... SQUIRREL!

Catch you later! cheers!


WoolenSails said...

That is a fun little quilt. I need to get organized, but lately it seems time flies by and I can't get half of what I planned, done, so need to organize my time better.


Needled Mom said...

That is so sweet.

Teresa Marie said...

I love anything Crabapple hill, but especially Halloween & Christmas themed! I'm working on Dance By The Light Of The Moon right now! Love how you finished this quilt!

catsatararat said...

Oh that is so cute! Love it.
Was referred to as the wicked witch of the west in a previous phase of my life so I too love all things witchy LOL

Quiltsmiles said...

It's adorable Carole and your stitching is the best.

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