Thursday, March 23, 2017

Piecing life one stitch at a time ...

I started a new project from a stunning book by Julie Hendricksen Preserving History - Patchwork patterns inspired by antique quilts.

I'm cutting up 5,070 pieces to make the quilt Flying Geese, the one pictured second from the top. I'll be using my 1930 scraps and, in keeping with the period, muslin as a background.

This is therapeutic for me .... so many emotions going through me at the moment .... I'm not sure how to handle them all .... So, I quilt away, cutting and piecing, as I work through the overwhelming emotions.

Quilting allows me to feel a sense of control ... there is so much going on in this world. I am well aware that control is an illusion, but nonetheless, quilting provides me with the feeling of being able to piece everything as it should be ... in my world anyway.

Quilting also connects me to our fore-mothers, to my history ... herstory. As I cut up my scraps, I feel a sense of kinship with women and their contributions to history.

Everyone needs a quilt to cover themselves with.  A quilt is pure love and nothing less. When you sleep under a quilt made by a quilter, you can feel the energy of love comforting you. Someone cares enough about you to piece love and comfort for you!

The world presently needs more love and compassion .... it needs more quilts!



WoolenSails said...

Your post is so wonderful stated and so true about why we quilt and how important they are in our lives and for others that we gift them too. I have gotten to the point where i avoid the news, it is just too over whelming with everything else going on. I have had a hard time quilting again, but what you said really puts it in perspective for me. I would love to make quilts for my family and others who need the comfort and love of a quilt.


Needled Mom said...

It will also be stunning as well as therapeutic.

Kim said...

Well said. Hang in there.

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