Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tourtiere, a French Canadien Tradition ...!

Have you noticed that today very little that is sacred? We are so fortunate to have access to all types of foods throughout the year. When I was growing up, the seasons determined what fruits and vegetables we would consume. If it was "out of season", canned goods is what was served.

Gosh, I remember the wonderful Epluchette de ble d'inde (corn roast) that my uncle Maurice would host. It was the only time we had fresh corn on the cob! Delish! It was a huge family gathering, distant cousins were invited. Today corn is available all year long. How special is that?

Candy was not something I had access in my youth ... neither chips and/or soda. Those were reserved for "special occasions". I also did not have access to money that would allow me to buy candy at the corner store. Gosh did we look forward to the holidays! Halloween was such a treat, it had been so long since the Easter Bunny stopped by!

I find that today very little, in terms of foods and what not, is reserved for "special occasions". Most kids have access to candy all year around. What do you put in a stocking when candy is constantly in abundance? As you can imagine, I did not raise my daughter on candy. I kept those for "special holidays."

I guess you can say I'm a tad old fashion. I try to hang on to my family traditions.  For instance, a traditional dish that I make for the Christmas holiday is Tortiere (meat pie). My mother and I will get together mid December and bake all day. We even use my maternal grandmother's recipe. The dish is served at Christmas dinner along with turkey!

This is this year's batch!

It's wonderful to have left overs!

I think today, more than ever, we need to honour our family traditions. Do you have any family traditions that you cherish?

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

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Needled Mom said...

I agree. I have several cookie and candy recipes that I will make only at Christmastime for the same reason. The pies look delicious.

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