Friday, September 11, 2015

Are you Frivoling...?

Have you heard the latest?  Moda has come out with these collectible tins called Frivols! I am such a push over for tins!  Check out Frivol 1!  It even has a clear top!!!!

Every month Moda issues a new Frivol tin that features a designer pattern and a new fabric line! Last month Bonnie & Camille were featured.  The pattern is called Kindred and they used the fabric line Hello Darling!

Now the tin alone was enough to peak my attention but the use of Hello Darling fabric line threw me over the top! lol Love, love, love that line!  I pet it every time I pass by! I love my job! lol

Here is my completed top!

Love how it turned out.  (yes, that's another quilt in the background - You all know that I'm ADDH and OCD right!) lol

I'm hoping to schedule a play date with Penelope this weekend to get it machine quilted.  Would make a great shop sample, that is, until the tins are sold out! (quantities are limited)

So, if you read in the news that a quilter has been injured by a Moda Frivol tin avalanche, that would be me! I'm hooked!

Catch you later!


carol fun said...

Cute cute cute... this one is calling my name! Have a great weekend!

Ginger Dawn...A Spice Below The Horizon said...

Wow! What a beautiful top! Thank you so much for sharing! I really enjoyed the post!

Thimbleanna said...

You have to admit -- those Moda people are marketing gurus! Your little quilt top is so cute. I decided I can't get frivols -- I need to get rid of some of the tins that I have already -- my stuff is taking over. I'll live vicariously through YOU!

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