Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy Boards make me smile ...!

Do you have a Happy Board, a place where you like to hang items that make you smile?

Here is mine!

You might find it a tad messy but really ... everything is where it should be.  When ever I look at that board, I smile!  It is filled with items that are meaningful to me.  Yes, lots from my little girl, who by the way, is not so little anymore! Ah... the memories.

On another happy note.  I was admiring my Red Shamrock plant and noticed this.

Do you see what I see on the bottom right corner?  It's a four (4) leaf clover!  How lucky is that?

Not much is happening on the quilting from.  I'm a bit in a quiet mood.  What that means is that I am doing lots of stitching.

Keep well everyone!  Catch you later!  Cheers!


Thimbleanna said...

Quiet moods are good -- more gets done then LOL. Love your happy board -- I have one too!

Needled Mom said...

My board looks the same way!!!

I can't wait to see your quiet stitching projects.

WoolenSails said...

This long winter is not helping my mood, I need a happy board, lol. I do have things that my friends gave me in different places on the walls, so that is my happy place when I look at them:)


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