Sunday, February 8, 2015

Focus ... Focus ... Focus ... SQUIRREL ...!

Sure I've been focused, that is until the UPS delivery man brought a package containing these kits from Moda ... Modern Building Blocks .... what a beauty!

You all know how I've been hankering to make a quilt using only solids, well this is it folks!  OMG, it's stunning.

Started working on Block Un on Friday and voila!

That block is gigantic! It's a quilt in itself!  I will confess ... in my 17 years of quilting I have never made a quilt block this huge.  It ain't easy sister!  I was sweating my points!  But, all and all, it turned out fine.

Last night I worked on Block Deux.  The last of the gigantic blocks!

Onward to the next size - 30"!  I'll be in my comfort zone when we get to those small blocks! lol

On the UFO issue, I did complete the Lilies for Connie quilt top.

I will need to schedule a date with Penelope soon.  I do have a small stack of quilts that need machine quilting.

Here in as far Northeast as you can get .... I can see Canada from my house....  it's a snow day!  We are enjoying a gorgeous snow fall .... light and fluffy!  It has to be, it a sweltering 3F (-16C).  It's a perfect day to be in my sanctuary!

Enjoy your day everyone!  You know where you'll find me!  Cheers!


Karen said...

The quilt in the solids is a nice design. Would probably look busy done in prints. The solids calm it down.

Thimbleanna said...

Sounds like you're having perfect weather -- it's been way too warm for winter here. Those solid blocks are pretty, but way too big for me. I'm a smaller block person -- definitely prefer those beautiful Lilly blocks!!!

Needled Mom said...

Your Moda blocks are gorgeous. I have loved seeing these blocks popping up in Blogland.

Sounds like a perfect day for quilting with weather like that.

WoolenSails said...

That is going to be beautiful and i like the idea of using solids and doing fancy quilting on them, a future project for me.


Gisele Bourdon said...

Bonjour Carole , j'aimerais avoir ton adresse de courriel.
J'aimerais t'écrire.
Bonne semaine Gisèle.

Quiltsmiles said...

Your lilies quilt topper is nice congrats on the finish so far. WIll you be doing borders for this one?

Love that solids quilt look. SOlids have also been teasing me lately but I am truly to stay focused and you know that is more difficult for some compared to others. Oh look, SQUIRRELL! LOL and hugs

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