Monday, May 12, 2014

This little girl is going to ...

Spring Market ....

Oh yea! Pittsburgh PA here I come!  So looking forward to it!  Lots on the agenda!  Will tell you all about it!  I'm psyched!

In the mean time, aside from arranging everything so that nothing falls apart when I'm gone ;), I've been busy learning a new hobby.  Well, not so new since it "was" a serious hobby in my 20s! That would be about 10 years ago! ;)

Instead of knitting sweaters, I'm learning to knit socks!  I seem to be on the 10 year plan for one sock! lol  I think I've taken it apart four times!!!!!

One sock has once again reached the toe, but alas, I noticed a mistake on the side of the heel!  To bad, I'm not taking it apart ... again!  I'm sure no one will scrutinize my heel! lol

On the quilting front, I would like to share with you a quilt I completed a while back and neglected to share!

The pattern is called Golf from the book Traditional Fat Quarter Quilts by Monique Dillard.  Love how it turned out!  The border print is from the Tavern Green collection by Paula Barnes.  The photograph really does not do justice to that gorgeous green print.  Oh well!

Oh I almost forgot!  Did a drawn and Pinylea Creations won!  Please e-mail me you address so that I may send you your prize!

Thanks for stopping!  I'll catch you when I get back or perhaps sooner!  Cheers!


Thimbleanna said...

That sock is screaming "Knit me while waiting in the Sample Spree Line"!!!! ;-D

(Love the quilt!)

Needled Mom said...

The socks are going to be so neat!!!

I love your finished quilt. The fabrics are perfect for it.

WoolenSails said...

That is a beautiful quilt, every time I look at it, I see a new pattern. I hope you have a wonderful time at market and get lots of photos.


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