Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor day ... already...!

Where has the month of August went?  I just cannot believe that September is right around the corner.  

The renovations are coming along, slowly.  The floors are done and the paint is on the wall.

Love how that floor turned out!  As for the colour, I choose Summer Shower by Benjamin Moore.  Love how it turned out.  It feels good being in the room.

The built in armoire is coming along nicely.

And the plumbing/heating needs to be taken care of and my favourite brother, as he likes to be referred, is coming down this weekend to work on it.

We do not allow DH to touch plumbing.   There is just something about plumbing that does not agree with DH, perhaps a personality conflict would best describes it.  lol So in the interest of everyone's well being, I do not allow him to touch it.  ;o)

I am eager to get in my new sewing studio.  Once the above are taken care, I can start moving in.  Yea.....!

On the quilting front, I've been working on a new block of the month to be offered by Fibre Junction called Hampton Ridge designed by Red Crinoline.  The fabrics, designed by Paula Barnes for Marcus Fabrics, are beautiful.  Here's a peak at the first month's blocks!


The blocks measure 7.5" finished!  I love small blocks!  

How is the new "reader" working out for you?  I seem to have a difficult time getting used to the ones I am presently testing.  Change is not always good! Sigh!

 Thank for stopping by.  


WoolenSails said...

The room is coming along nicely and I do love those floors. Speaking of plumbing, we are waiting for the cesspool guys, seems our tank filled up and luckily it didn't back up onto the floor this time;)


Needled Mom said...

The new room looks so calm and peaceful. Beautiful colors!!

I like those blocks. The fabrics look wonderful in them.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- those are small blocks for all those pieces! I love small blocks too -- very cool. The paint and floors look great -- you'll be moved in before you know it -- especially if it happens as quickly as summer has passed!

Barb said...

Your blocks are really great! so scrappy and fun.
Your renovation looks great too!

Pam said...

I don't like the new readers - posting comments is a PITA!

I have been a bad and neglectful blogger - and this is #3 attempt and posting a comment.

Jim has recently retired and we bought a boat - I have been stitching away on my Dear Jane on the boat and using my little stitching tool that I won on your blog that your husband made. I love it! It is so cool - there is a little magnet for the needle. Thank you so much!!

I love the new BOM - beautiful fabric and small block! Just my thing!

All the best - Pam.

Cardygirl said...

Your studio looks fabulous...what a great creative retreat!

Unknown said...

These blocks are so well done, and so small, you are the master.

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