Sunday, June 23, 2013

What's going on...!

Spent Monday in Montreal with my friend Gina.  Started our day walking around the old Montreal.

I love photographing old buildings.  Montreal is quite old. Well over 350 years old.

We had a wonderful time walking around.  It was a cloudy day, a perfect day for pictures.  The famous clock tower at the old port.  There are many immigrant family stories associated with this clock.

We ended our day at Upstairs Jazz bar and had a lovely dinner.

I've been stitching away, attempting to get a set of Americana towels done for a July 4th gift.  Some would go for a swap, and another as a hostess gift.  Guess what?

I stitched the front of the design in the back of the towel.  Crap!

Guess what I'll be doing when I finish with this blog entry?

I cannot bare giving this to someone knowing I made a mistake.  Sigh...!  Oh well... wish I had an extra towel!

July 1 is quickly approaching, have you found a blog reader that you are happy with?  Do share!



Unknown said...

I love the pictures from Montreal, it´s always great to see other parts of the world. Sigh, how disappointing for you to sew on the wrong side and not to notice until you finished!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh No! Too bad you couldn't have just cut it out and appliqued it to another towel.

I'm using feedly and I like it so far. I tried bloglovin', but unless they've fixed it, it makes you click over to every blog -- WAY too time consuming -- I only do that if I'm going to comment.

WoolenSails said...

I have never been to that area of canada, someday. I got some towels from jo anns to do some gifts with, nice summer project. I will have to remember not to make that mistake;)


Anonymous said...

Hey there, girlfriend, enjoyed reading your post. xo

Chookyblue...... said...

I would have got another towel and kept the wrong one for the buildings....nothing that old in Australia....

I'm using Feedly........I've done a couple of posts about it on my blog so have a read only have a few days left to decide.......

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