Thursday, December 6, 2012

Miss me....?!

I sure miss writing.  Time just seems to get away from me.  Always something I SHOULD be doing instead of writing a blog post!  Well, the heck with that, I'm writing! lol

I thought I would give you a virtual tour of Fibre Junction.  It's been so long since I published pictures.  It is quite different from the day the quilt shoppe opened in May 2009.  You can peak at the first post here.

Come in! Welcome to Fibre Junction!

Take a closer peak on the treadle!

A glance at the right! Don't you just love plaids?

Love these feather trees!

Let's walk towards the back!

Continuing your walk towards the back of the Shoppe!  Love the way Barbara Brackman's new fabric line Metropolitan Fair looks on the center shelves!

To your left! One can never have too many backgrounds!

Want a closer look?

Let's walk back towards the entrance into our next room!

I love the way the fabric looks! I may be bias, but I love the batik selection! ;o)

A little holiday decoration!

To the left, the Notion Hut!

Some primitive style fabrics!

Did you want a peak in the wool cupboard?

If you turn around, you will see a selection of "prim" backgrounds!

Towels for your hand embroidery needs! That old washing machine continues to be a conversation piece!

Here is a full view of the second room!

Thank you for your stopping by!

I hope you enjoyed visiting Fibre Junction in Rouses Point, New York.  Please come again!


Darlene said...

Beautiful shoppe. I'd definitely enjoy shopping there.

WoolenSails said...

The store looks wonderful and love how you have the displays. I really love the feather tree, are you selling those? I found one in a thrift, love how they look.


The Civil War Quilter said...

Loved the virtual tour! Looks very inviting!

Vicki W said...

What a beautiful store!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Carole -- how you've grown! It looks amazing -- could you please move closer to me? I love your fun Christmas displays too!

Tami said...

Wish it weren't 1000 miles away. Lovely shop.

Sharon said...

OMG I love it!!!! It looks wonderful. Thanks for taking us on a tour. Now I need to come visit you.

Wendy said...

It looks amazing, thanks for the virtual tour. I'd love to come and visit.

SG said...

Thanks for the virtual tour! It's a great space!

Chookyblue...... said...

it's like I really did get to go visit your shop..........

Unknown said...

I can´t wait to see it some day in the future ;)

Unknown said...

I can´t wait to see it some day in the future ;)

Susan said...

Oooooo how I would love to visit your shop. all that lovely fabric and all so open to see. shopping would be a treat. Thanks for sharing your little lovely corner with me.

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