Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!  

October 31 is one of my favourite days!  I love to decorate for the occasion!  As a matter fact, Fibre Junction is known for it's Halloween touch all year long!

I should note that I am very particular about my Halloween decorating and am not into the blood and gore aspect of the celebration.  I am always on the look out for a unique piece and this year I stumbled upon a lovely witch!

Meet Agatha, the Fibre witch!

She has such a sympathetic look .... her outfit is lovely!

Oh, and I love the colour of her hair.  In my book, if I must succumb to the effects of aging, that is the hair colour I am aiming for! lol

For the record, I do not foresee taking on that look for quite some time.  I am still young!  A kid! ;o)

As of late, I have been busy with establishing the web store for Fibre Junction.  It's a full time job!!!!  lol  Oh... but I am so enjoying myself in this quilting adventure!

In keeping with the spirit of the day's celebration, I have completed this little gem!

A pattern by Brenda Gervais of Country Stitches.  Gosh, do I looooooove working with wool!  It's addictive! ;o)

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner in cyber space.  I hope you will have a ghoulish time celebrating the day!

Happy Trick or Treating!

"Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!" We usually stopped at "trick or treat" because, it was just too long! ;o)



WoolenSails said...

Most of my halloween decorations involve cats, lol.
I like pumpkins, crows and cats, not into skulls and things. Not sure if we will get any kids, being off a road, doesn't help and the kids have all grown up.


Wendy said...

She is adorable for Halloween. I love your new runner. Wool is wonderful to work with and the out come is having some wonderful pieces to decorate the home. I would love to see some shop pictures...hint hint.

Unknown said...

I have already placed an order at Fibre junction :)

Quiltsmiles said...

Love your toothy grin runner finish. Your stitching work is impeccable and you always get so many projects done. Sorry only 8 showed up at the door. Happy November! Jane

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