Thursday, July 12, 2012

VQF continued...!

Boy time flies when you're having fun!  Time for a show and tell!

I must admit, I did not take as many pictures as last year.  You would think with my new toy I'd be clicking away, but it wasn't the case.  Sadly, there were not many quilts that moved me.

As I walked around I came upon this gorgeous quilt and thought, "geez that style looks familiar".  Looked at the description and .....

The quilt is made by Birgit Schueller of Germany.  This is the same designer of the Licorice and Lace quilt that I blogged about last year.

Another of my favourite is a reproduction of a quilt.

Pennsylvania Hearts and Hands - Kelly Cunningham - Stevensville, PA.

The descriptions states :This quilt is a reproduction made by Elsie Bott Loucks and others in her family. The pattern used is from the McCall's Quilting Vintage Series Hearts and Hands. The original quilt is owned by the York County Heritage Trust of York, PA and is in Quilts" The Fabric of Friendship. The blocks were constructed in the late 1800s, made into a quilt top in the 1920s and not quilted until 1939-1940.  Longarm machine quilted.


And... there was an "Instructors Showcase" exhibit!  I had the opportunity to view a quilt from Sue Spargo.  I had never seen one of her quilts in person!

So colourful!

Well, I hope you enjoyed a mini VQF!  I would have loved to share with you the antique collection entitled  "Quilts - A tradition of  Variations" - Antique Quilts from the Pilgrim/Roy Collection, but photographs were not allowed.

Gosh, they were stunning.  There's something about utilitarian quilts that I so enjoy viewing.

On a different subject, can someone explain to me why I seem to get "white highlighted" text?  It's driving me insane.  I have to go into the HTML, find it and delete it - taking me much longer to write a blog entry then it should.  Does anyone get that?  It just sort of appears!

Thanks for stopping by!


WoolenSails said...

Maybe next year I will make it to the show, would love to go up there to see the museums they have. I do love the reproduction quilt and always love Sue's work.

No idea why you are getting white lines.


Needled Mom said...

Beautiful quilts with so much to inspire us!!!

I've not heard of the blogger problem before. It sounds nasty.

Cardygirl said...

Gorgeous quilts!

Thimbleanna said...

Pretty quilts. Sorry the show was disappointing. Do you think it might be the internet inspiration overload? I've found the same thing at quilt shows lately and I often wonder if it's because I see so many quilts on blogs and pinterest????

Mel said...

Thanks for sharing, I just LOVE the top one from Licorice and Lace. Stunning!
Mel (BYW)

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