Monday, May 23, 2011

Hand embroidery project .... why not.....!

Back in August 2010, I saw that Wendy from Snippets of a Quilter was working on a new hand embroidery project. I just knew that I had to make that quilt!

You know, I love blogging but gosh darn, the hidden cost associated with this media is phenomenal! lol

Anyway, I loved it so much that I went and purchased the pattern. What is it called you might ask? Ruby Garden by Waltzing with Bears.

Here are all twelve (12) of them waiting patiently to be pieced together!

Believe it or not, I have had all of the blocks stitched since September 2010 and haven't done a darn thing with them! Well, I was going to offer it as a block of the month at Fibre Junction, but I ran out of time. We do have the 
patterns should anyone be interested.

I'm liking this Picasa web album program. Could you imagine if I posted each block? That would be 12 entries! And to say I could have blogged more often last year! lol

Hope you are enjoying the hand work coming from a stitchin' fool! Told you so! ;o)

Keep well! Cheers!


Janet O. said...

I love those blocks! What a wonderful quilt they will make. Please share when you have it all put together.

May Britt said...

These blocks are wonderful. You have to finish them now :)

Cardygirl said...

The blocks look great!

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful blogs and they will look wonderful in a quilt.


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh they are wonderful! I do like the little click screen for all the pics!

Unknown said...

Yes, yes, yes I like what the stitchin´fool is doing. LOL

Wendy said...

WOW has it been that long??? I've only finished 8 of the blocks and you've now got them all done. Great work!

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