Sunday, February 14, 2010

For Fairy Oz!

Do you believe in fairies? I certainly do.... and Sprites too! Remember, I think they are responsible for taking my silver thimble amongst other things.....!

This is our Fairy Swing!

It is called that because, you see that big old oak tree? Gosh, it has to be more then 150 years old (that's how old my home is). It is quite a majestic tree. That, my friends, is where our Fairies live!

This is their front entrance! Of course, it could be a back entrance, who knows with Fairies! ;o)

There isn't much activity going on as it is quite cold.

Fairies are more active in the summer time, when the weather is nice and warm. ;o)

They love to garden! Around the oak tree, there are a few wild flowers growing during the summer months. It's really the only place I have wild daisies! I love daisies!

Here is a close up of their front entrance.

The reason it's off the ground is to keep the animals and other creatures out! As you know, Fairies fly! No need for stairs! ;o)

This is on the other side of the oak tree.

There's a tree mushroom growing. It would be quite big had it not been for our pesky neighbour kicking it off last summer.

So there you have it Fairy Girl, that's where our Fairies live.


Thanks for stopping by!

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