Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm shocked...... in memory of Tom Hanson...!

OMG, I just read the news that Tom Hanson passed away. I studied photography with him at Dawson College Institution of Photography, way back in the early 90s. I don't know him personally, but we did assignments together! You know, sort of hung out the way students do!

Although our lives drifted, I always kept an eye out for his work. It's a photographer thing, you know! You're always checking the photo credits in magazines and/or newspapers!

He was so bored with the assignments and loved to make a mockery of it! Let's face it, they were boring! I cannot begin to count the number of times we photographed that darn gray card! LOL

He was quite the talented photographer! He left Dawson after less than 2 (two) years to pursuit his own career as a free lance photographer.

I'll always remember an adventure we had together along with my friend Philip Carpenter.

Tom had been sent on an assignment to photograph an illegal Bingo hall on a Native reserve off the island of Montreal.

There were rumours that the RCMP and QPP (Quebec Provincial Police) might raid the place.

Tom was on a free lance assignment, Philip and I were there for an opportunity to get some good shots for our photo journalism class with David Hopkins. lol I think Tom was too, but he had his priorities! lol

Nothing happened that night with the RCMP or QPP, but I did get a good photo essay out of the evening! ;o)

I shot many rolls of films and had quite the contact sheets!

Tom was a great guy! I'm deeply sadden! So young too!

My deepest sympathy to his friends and loved ones!

Goodbye Tom!

If you want to see some of Tom's work, the Montreal Gazette website published a blog entry, The Lens - A tribute to to CP Photojournalist Tom Hanson. The photograph of a Warrior was actually taken when he was studying photography at Dawson.

I miss photography!

Thanks for stopping by!


Needled Mom said...

Sorry to hear of the great loss. He sounds like he was a very talented indivisual.

Unknown said...

It is always sad when young people die.

Anonymous said...

Wow....he was an amazing photographer. Also seeing him and how young he go suddenly is very sad. You were given the gift of having known someone so special and that touched your life even if for a moment in time.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I've just been reading the article you linked to and he sounds like someone who was very talented and very good at his job. A great loss.

julieQ said...

I am sorry for your loss. I used to do photography before I was a nurse. Thank you for the link!

Cheryl said...

What a great rememberance of someone who obviously had an influence in your life. The article was great. Also have to say that I really, really, really
like your French Cottage Garden quilt!

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