Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Hump Day...!

I once worked with someone who would always come into work on Wednesdays declaring "it's hump day!" I guess she took it upon herself to announce that the weekend was soon coming! It was so cute! lol It certainly relieved the stress we experienced at that branch! Gosh, I don't miss working for a bank!

I don't have much in terms of completed projects to show you, but I have been busy prepping away. I always make it a point to have hand projects ready to be worked on. It just makes it easier to get some quilting done when I have a few minutes.

I keep it all in a portable basket.

There you have my hand basket. I made it a bit messy just for you! lol

As you can see, I have everything one could possibly need when it comes to hand work and more.

The red box is one of those older Tupperware storage box. I think it was purchased in the early 80's when I wasn't a quilter. There's more under neath the top insert, but I'm sure you get the picture! I always keep the cover on and pile everything on top.

In the basket, I also have special items that friends have given me. If you took the red box out, you would find some cards and meaningful stuff from my DD and friends. I guess you could call it a happy hand basket. The things in there do make me happy!

When I grab my happy hand basket, I know everything I may need and more is in there!

How do you organise your hand work? Do you have a special container? Is it portable?

Back to the prepping!

I prepped 3 (three) blocks from the Baltimore Cousin BOM, a quilt I have been working on since June 2006.

Gosh it's taking a while! I do like the way the blocks are coming out!

I have one more block to prep and that should do it for the quilt top. I haven't decided if I'll do the block they suggested, which is another flower pot, or a different one. I was thinking of including a pear tree.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Hump Day!


Carol said...

Prepping always slows me down...I love to have stuff ready to sew but it takes me a while to get those blocks ready.

Libby said...

I have a nice metal box that holds my handwork supplies . . . I can just grab and go. That box makes me a happy girl *s*

Amy said...

I just found your blog on Quilting Daze.......Your quilt blocks are wonderful.I LUV applique and any hand work.......Its nice to meet you,keep up the pretty work.Amy

Karen said...

Love the Baltimore Cousin blocks and your Happy Hand Basket. I just organized my hand projects last week (see my blog) and placed each in a project box. They are very portable. Everything I need for that project is in the box. The only thinks I have to transfer from one project to the next is my glasses and my Clover needle threader. Happy Hump Day!

Pam said...

Good morning Carole. I have one of those red Tupperware containers, I think it is from the 80's sometime. I don't think I have bought Tupperware since the 80's. I have many, many different containers - like a good quilter I am a collector of containers and bags -LOL. I really like the bag I made for Jessica as a diaper bag and I made myself one for my Dear Jane stuff. It is a great carry bag.

Have a great week - or I guess what is left of the week now that it is Hump day!

Paula, the quilter said...

My Tupperware container is blue, not red and I have 2 of them. Once holds stitch markers and crochet hooks and the other is a small first aid kit in the sewing room. Hump day! haven't heard that one in a while.

Darlene said...

Dating myself here, too - I have one those red Tupperware boxes, too. HMMMM - I wonder where it is? :-)

Hey, I have a great idea - since you're getting those blocks done you can send them to me and I'll send you mine. Mine would be wonderful to own cuz they are neatly organized in their original bags. Is it a deal???? LOL

Happy Hump Day!

quiltmom anna said...

Well Carol, I too have one of those red Tupperware boxes but mine was one of the things that I got from my gran's house after she passed away. It had standard sewing gear in it and I still go and take things out of it to use when I need to do some mending and repair work. I don't do much quilting handwork( stitching of labels down). I used to embroider but I have those threads in another box.
I have a gardener's tool bag for some quilting materials( small rulers, rippers, rotary cutters etc but most of the quilting supplies are sitting in baskets on my sewing table or on the thread holder stands.
Hope everything is going well for you.

Julia said...

I love that basket block that you have prepped. This quilt is going to be so pretty!

I hope that you had a good Hump Day! I used to say that all of the time when I was in high school. Thanks for bringing back the memory! :~)

Unknown said...

The blocks are beautiful. I have a basket for hexagons and a bag for other handwork.

Cheryl said...

Great basket, all filled and at the ready!!! Your blocks are truly wonderful.

MARCIE said...

I really love that quilt you are making. I bet you are thrilled to be so close to a finish! I would like to have something like that to be working on to fill my evenings, but it does take lots of prep time.

Anonymous said...

prep time....likely why I don't do much in the evening.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Happy hump day Carole!!! Oh wait it's Friday now. The hump is gone. lolol Sorry I'm a bit late. Your blocks are so pretty. I envy you appliquer people. It's so pretty but I just dont do it. I'll leave that to you.

Deb said...

Carole those blocks are going to be amazing in "our" quilt.. LOL.
I just love are really tempting me with my patterns I have ready...what size did you do your blocks??

Quilts And Pieces said...

You know, I think I enjoy the prepping more than the doing! I always have things prepped and ready too! This weekend I did nothing but prep for machine and hand work. Didn't work on anything, just played prepping!

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