Sunday, January 25, 2015

Focusing on being focused!

I mentioned on my last post that my goal this year was to be more focused, and I think it's working.

Just the other day, I thought I would start a new intensive project.  So I pulled 36 bolts of fabric from Fibre's shelves to use for the construction of the quilt.  There was this little voice in my head saying "seriously, what happened to being focused?" So, I left the bolts on the table, it was the end of the day, and went home to give it more thought. Showed up for work the next morning and returned them all back on the shelf!  Nope, not starting this project right now, maybe later.

Yea for me!

What I have been doing is looking at my list of UFO projects.  Since 2007, I've kept a yearly list of all the projects I start and complete.  You can read about my project tracking here.  Although no list is full of completed projects, there aren't that many UFOs on the list.  The problem is the accumulation of the unfinished!

In the spirit of "focus" I pulled out Pineapple Grove Penny Rug (Threads that Bind), a project from Oct 2012, and started working on it.


All Done!  Yea for me! So pleased with the way it turned out!

One off the 2012 list, another added on for 2015!  Guess what I'm working on?

All from scraps! Well except for the background.  I would have never thought I had 35 different reds in my scrap bin! Hum ....

Well, I'm off to finish off this little quilt so I can show you what it actually should look like!  Hum ... maybe I'll have it finished for Valentine Day!

Enjoy your day!  Cheers!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Brrrr ....!

It has been cold in our neck of the woods!  It's been as low at -17F (-27C).  Don't know about you, but when it's cold like that, I crave comfort foods!  That fatty stuff that I really shouldn't be having!  Today we have a sweltering 23F (-5) so it's perfect weather for quilting!

Do any of you make New Year Resolutions?  I sort of do.  I try to keep my list to things I can actually achieve.  This year, I have decided to make myself a priority and set healthy boundaries.  My goal is to stay focused.  For the past few years I've been all over the place with nothing getting fully completed.    I just have a big pile of do do.  Focus is my new mantra!

So, I focused on starting a new project! lol It's a block of the month being offered at Fibre.  It's call Beauty All Around.  I saw it at fall market 2014 and absolutely fell in love with it.  Here is block 1:

The sashing for the quilt is a square in a square block.  Of course, you can make whatever sashing you want but I liked the original one.  It's a perfect opportunity for me to use up my scraps.  I really wanted this quilt to have personal meaning and it will, as the fabrics used are from various projects etc...

Today is trimming day!

Hope you are enjoying your day and keeping warm!  Catch you later! Cheers!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Since I have been blogging, I have met many kind people on Blogland and forged some wonderful friendships.

Every year, during the Christmas Holidays, Debbie of Woolensails sends me a gift.  Debbie is a very talented quilter, her style is folk art, which is one of my favourite.

Allow me to share with you the beautiful gift I received from Debbie this year.

Check out the details on this needle punch pillow!  Wow!  I just love it!

Yes, many of Debbie's work graces my tree during the holiday season.  Her work as well as those of others is what makes decorating my tree special.

Thank you again Debbie for your kindness and friendship.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner in cyberspace.  Wishing you and your loved ones a wonder New Year!  Namaste!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Chookyblue's Secret Santa Swap ...!

Hello everyone, I do hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

I have been participating in Donna's, Chookyblue blog, Secret Santa Swap since she first started back in 2007.   What fun it is!  I have never been disappointed.   So, allow me to share with you what I received from my Secret Santa, Suze of Bears Mum.

Check out the packaging!  Right up my alley!

Lovely!  Here is my ornament.

Early December when DD and I were putting up the various decorations on the tree, it was nice to reminiscent.

Our tree is nothing fancy, just a mishmash of various ornaments, (some from my maternal grandmother, some from friends and swaps and others from the various projects done by DD throughout her elementary school year) but it's very special to me.  When I look at my tree, it has meaning ... that's how I like it! ;)

This is what Suze sent me for Christmas.

It's lovely! It now hangs in my sewing studio!

Thank you again Suze for being my Secret Santa.

I do hope Santa was good to you.  Thanks for stopping by!  Cheers!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holiday anticipation ...!

I'm ready for Santa!

Hope Santa is good to you!  Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Irrational and perhaps insane ....!

Some might say!  Last night around 10:00 p.m. I saw the cutest quilt posted by Kathie (redandgreenquilts) on Instagram and I just had to make it.  You understand, don't you?

So up I was, designing the block and quilt top on EQ 7.  Looked in my stash and saw this gorgeous fabric that would be perfect.

But, but, but ......

Any fabric but those! Folk Art Christmas II, that has got to be more than a decade old.  I so loved Robyn Pandolph's style when she was with Moda.  Oh and that Sturbridge Village Scarlet .... now that's a beauty.  I take those out every now and again and pet them!

Seriously, Aren't you NOT suppose to use your stash!!!  But ..... but .....

Kathie made me do it!  How dare she post the cutest quilt for me to see late at night!  I seriously thought about driving to Fibre around midnight to pick a different fabric ... you understand right?

But I didn't ..... And I made the quilt ... using my precious fabric!

Now I need to machine quilt it!

Tomorrow, I'm driving to Fibre and picking up the cutest Santa backing!  Won't it look great on the table with Santa's cookies and milk?

Thanks for stopping by!  Cheers!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lot's happening ... !

I am finding it more and more difficult to not be tempted by new projects.  You only live once or YOLO, as my DD likes to say.  So, this is a new project ... YOLO! ... that I'll be staring January 2014.

It's a new BOM being offered by Fibre Junction.  It's called Austin Bluebird and is designed by Minick and Simpson.

I saw this at Market Schoolhouse this fall.  The colours are absolutely gorgeous.   The fabrics will be coming in this month and I cannot wait!  If you would like to join me, you can reserve your place here.

Last Tuesday, the day and evening Simple What's Not Club members joined me for a pincushion exchange a la Yankee Swap style.  What fun we had.  I love seeing the creativity!

I really have the bestest customers/club members.  What a hoot we had.  Each one brought a dish to share. The food was amazing.  Sorry, no picture of the spread, it's all gone! ;)

Thank for stopping by!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Back from vacation and On my Soapbox ..!

Went shopping to my favourite feed store and this is what greeted me!

Seriously, it was a week and a half before Thanksgiving .... really?  That poor tree will be a fire hazard before Christmas day rolls around!

I don't understand the rush to get holidays over with.  Halloween wasn't even here yet and the stores had their Christmas decorations out!

Well, I'm taking my time ... I refuse to be stressed .... I want to enjoy each holiday and not rush into the next one before one is over!

On a different subject, a much slower paced one ... I had a wonderful vacation.  Enjoyed every single day.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was amazing.  I felt such at home. ;)

Here I am going to platform 9 3/4 ...

Just goes to show you, I'm not a muggle!  :P  On my way to .....

I miss my butterbeer!

The weather was fantastic! Went swimming every night!  So enjoyed the lazy river .... the current pushes you along!  Ha ... such is vacation life!

Back to the world of muggles ....

Hope you've had a wonderful week!  Cheers!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane .....!

For a vacation, something I haven't had in more than a decade.  Where am I going you might ask?

DD and I are going for a week.  It's just a mother daughter vacation.  Given that we are both Harry Potter fans, I'm sure you can guess where we'll spend most of our time? lol

I am so looking forward to it.  Some actually down time.

Catch you later!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Playing hooky!

On Monday, I chose to head on over to the Johnson Space center.  I'm a space buff, and enjoy reading about the early space program.  This was a perfect opportunity for a visit.

I took the Houston Public transit, what a ride! lol

The buses were very nice.  It's a great way to sight see from a different perspective!

As you get off the bus you are greeted by the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.  It's huge.

In the early 1980's, I actually saw this aircraft fly over my parents home in Montreal.  It was on it's way to have the Canada Arm installed.  I remember going out on the back balcony and watching the aircraft fly over.  It was so exciting!

This pass was so kool!  It allowed me supervised access to various locations not accessible to the regular tours.  It was worth every penny!

The LM

We visited the ....

Such a huge pool!

They had astronauts training.... look for the bubbles!

You could watch them on a live cam...

We visited Mission control ... gone is the moving space capsule on a wire! lol

On your left is the actual rocket waiting to be launched in Virginia.  Yea, sadly it's the one that blew up!

The Apollo mission control.  Check out the metal desk ..... brings back memories .... I'm dating myself! lol

Now this American flag has been to the moon and back twice .... so kool!

Every part of the tour was amazing, but if I had to pick my favourite, it would be the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility

OMG ... I was like a kid in a candy store .....  I liked that they had a memorial wall of the space disasters.

Somehow, I was under the impression that the Mars Mission was a private endeavor, but no NASA is very much involved with it.

The Mars capsule ...

The transportation

Suiting up all from the inside ...

You walk around this facility and engineers are hard at work .... Makes me want to go back to school and get in the space program .... apparently they're hiring! lol

I learned so much .... so many pictures to show, but I'll spare you! ;)  One last one ..... A selfie!

I'm still excited from my day at the Johnson Space Center.  I'm definitely going back!

Thanks for visiting with me!  Cheers!
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