Friday, September 11, 2015

Are you Frivoling...?

Have you heard the latest?  Moda has come out with these collectible tins called Frivols! I am such a push over for tins!  Check out Frivol 1!  It even has a clear top!!!!

Every month Moda issues a new Frivol tin that features a designer pattern and a new fabric line! Last month Bonnie & Camille were featured.  The pattern is called Kindred and they used the fabric line Hello Darling!

Now the tin alone was enough to peak my attention but the use of Hello Darling fabric line threw me over the top! lol Love, love, love that line!  I pet it every time I pass by! I love my job! lol

Here is my completed top!

Love how it turned out.  (yes, that's another quilt in the background - You all know that I'm ADDH and OCD right!) lol

I'm hoping to schedule a play date with Penelope this weekend to get it machine quilted.  Would make a great shop sample, that is, until the tins are sold out! (quantities are limited)

So, if you read in the news that a quilter has been injured by a Moda Frivol tin avalanche, that would be me! I'm hooked!

Catch you later!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

She's off .... !

My little Pumpkin has left for college.  It has been an adjustment for both of us... and .... It's all good!

Before she left, we spent a lot of mother daughter time together.  One Sunday, we decided to visit this huge mall in Albany that has a "Build a Bear" workshop.  Have you ever been?  What a great idea.  As you build your bear, you come to a point where you must add a heart.  Well, Pumpkin and I traded hearts.  My bear has her heart and hers mine.   Isn't she the cutest?  Her name is Pumpkin!

As you can imagine, there hasn't been much quilting going on, but I did get a bit of sewing.  Yea, you read right, sewing NOT quilting.  I really do not like to sew but Pumpkin, the other one, needed a laundry bag.  So, I designed this little bag.

I'll admit, it wasn't that bad.  I even used the button whole feature on my Bernina.  Check it out!

The fabric line is Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille.  I love that line!

I've been after DH for a while now to build me a quilt cabinet.  I was tired of having my quilts stacked here and there and every where.  After discussing some specifications, this is what he built for me.

Doors open!  Very roomy!

Notice that it is not filled, yet!  That's on my "to do" list today!  I best be getting off this computer and working on that!

Enjoy your day!  Cheers!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Connecting memories ....!

Many moons ago I wrote a blog entry on threads and talked about how I had inherited my maternal grandmother's thread collection.  As a quilt shop owner, I am still perplexed when customers inform me that they need to buy new thread because their collection is too old or "has expired".  Hum ....

For the record, thread does not have an expiry date.  If you take good care of your thread, that is, you keep it out of the sun etc .... there is no reason why it shouldn't last.

Today, I am hand stitching the binding on a quilt to be used as a sample for the shoppe and guess what I'm using?  My grandmother's thread.

As I stitch the binding, I think of my grandmother, Yvonne, and how I miss her so much.  I am reminded of her many talents and joie de vive.

Quilting for me is a way to reconnect with the past.  Some memories are personal and so are not.  When I use reproduction prints, I think of the women from that era and the joys and hardships they endured.  Their daily motto of make do or make without, something that is foreign to many of us today!

As I piece a quilt for someone, that individual is constantly on my mind.  The quilt becomes imbued with memories and personal energy.  When I look at that project, the stories come to mind, the same way the thread evokes memories of my grandmother.  Every quilt has a story!

This is a reminded for me to take the time to enjoy the process.  It's not a race or contest of "how many projects can I complete" but more of a slowing down and enjoying the quilt story as it unfolds and evolves with every stitch.

How is your quilt story coming along?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Plugging away ....!

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?  Here we have been getting lots of rain.  I actually had to empty out my pool again.  No complaints!  Water is good!

I've been spending some quiet evenings getting some much needed down time.  In between enjoying a good book, something I haven't taken time for in a while, and some English Paper Piecing, I managed to get this little gem finished.

I used 1/2 inch hexagons and the quilt measures 14" x 17".  Amazing how much time goes into a tiny quilt like this.  But oh .... so enjoyable to piece!  I'm in love with EPP.

The pattern is called Little Things - Hexagons - by Sue Daley.  Love, love love her paper!  As a matter of fact, that's the only English paper templates Fibre Junction sells!

So what have you been up to these days?  Thanks for stopping by my little corner in cyber space!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Back to our regular schedule programming ....!

Have you seen this cute Little Bites pattern by Miss Rosie & Co?

They allow you to work with mini charm packs!  What fun!  I love flying geese so I just had to make this cute little quilt.  I choose Daysail by Bonnie & Camille!

Onward to the piecing.

Once all pieced .... and it does go quickly .... now for the trimming!

All done!

Sew them in rows and you have this most adorable little quilt!

I call mine "Which way north"!  What I like about these mini charms is that it allows me to work with a full line .... what fun .... and without a huge investment!

Thanks for stopping by my little corner in cyber space!  So what have you been up to these days?  Cheers!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Life, the universe and ..... !

Since Pumpkin's graduation day, it has been so busy.  So much is going on that it's making me dizzy!  Not much time for quilting, that's for sure!

We have been getting some much needed rain.  Check out the pool!

We're talking 6 inches over filled!  I decided to let the sun take care of it!

Last Monday, we spent a couple of days in Geneseo for Pumpkin's orientation. What a beautiful town it is and such a wonderful community, so picturesque!  The college campus is one of my favourite .... makes me want to go back to school! lol

The campus is on a hill and over looks farm lands!  It is also know for their magnificent sunsets!

This was our view from the MacVittie College Union building as we, the parents, enjoyed an evening dessert and coffee!

The most interesting icon on campus is their sorting hat!

Don't know what you want to study?  Let the sorting hat chose for you! lol

The college has a huge Harry Potter fan base, they even have a quiddish team! lol  Being a dedicated HP fan myself, I see it as hat but if you are a Dr Seuss fan, it is also know as the Seuss Spruce!  No matter which side you view it from, it is an interesting natural phenomenon!

Thank you for stopping by!  I'm hoping that life will settle a bit and that I may get back to my "normal" life.  Cheers!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Bittersweet moment..!

Pumpkin's high school graduation as come and gone.  Last night was full of excitement, as the young graduates move on to a new life adventure! I am an extremely proud mama! Such a bittersweet moment.

This weekend will be full of celebrations, with family coming from near and far!  

On the quilting front, I continue to work on some Kim Diehl, Collection 2 projects.  I just love that line of fabric.  Here is another finish.  I call this one Hex away!

This little quilt measures 12" x 14".  It's small alright!  

Thank you for stopping by my little corner in cyberspace.  I hope you have been enjoying life!  Cheers!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Stop the world, I want to get off!

Can it be?

In just a couple of weeks, my baby will be graduating from high school.  It's just not possible! Next thing you know, she'll be off to college!  Please, someone slow time a bit! Sigh!

On the quilting front, I have been busy getting some small projects done.  I've been working on Kim Diehl's Simple What Not Club - Collection 2.  I call this one Project Blue Book!

If you ask me, I've been watching way too may UFO documentaries!  And I do not mean quilting UFO's but more like extraterrestrial UFO!  I really don't know why I do that to myself, sometimes it scares the bejeebers out of me! lol

To continue with the theme, I used a remnant of a backing I had left over from a quilt I made for my nephew a long time ago.  I just love that fabric.  He's lucky I used it on the back of his quilt!  I really wanted to keep it for myself.  You understand, right? lol  Well, I think it's appropriate for this quilt, don't you? lol

It reminds of  "the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxies"!  Great book if you like extraterrestrial Brittish humour ! lol

That's it for me now.  I'm off to prepare for an alien invasion.  You just never know if those conspiracy theorist are speaking the truth.  LOL  Cheers!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Happy birthday Pumpkin!

Hard to believe that my baby turns 18 today!

You have brought so much joy into my life! You have such a great sense of humour!

Your dedication and perseverance to whatever you set your mind to is commendable!

I am so proud of your numerous accomplishments.  Thank you for being in my life!

Happy Birthday Pumpkin!
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