Sunday, July 29, 2018

Down sizing ...!

Hey everyone, I have the following patterns to sell. These patterns were shop kits that Fibre Junction held as Block of the Months.

Each pattern is complete. Some will have notes (if I made the sample, you bet I have some notes in there for precision). Most of these patterns retail over $65.00. Most have a colour copy of the actual fabrics used making it easy for you to match. The pattern only will be shipped.

If you are interested send me an e-mail at ceridwen59 @ gmail . com and we will work something out.

USA addresses only ... unless I know you well than we'll work something out!

I apologize in advance for the crappy picture! I want these to go!

Civil War Tribute by Homestead Hearth - 12 month program - includes historical information

Cost:  $25.00 - includes shipping

Civil War Chronicles - Homestead Hearth - includes historical information

Cost $25.00 - includes shipping

Civil War Melodies - Homestead Hearth - includes historical information (I made that quilt)

The General's Wives - by Jerry Stube - includes historical information - I made that quilt!

Cost $25.00 - includes shipping
River Rock - designed by Sarah Maxwell (gorgeous Batik Quilt made with 10" squares)

Cost: $25.00 includes Shipping
The Seasons on Pomegranate Lane by Quilted Crow Girls Design (who I hear are no more)

Cost $25.00 - includes shipping
Quilter's Dessert - Mystery quilt by Border Creek Station (great pattern designer) It uses yardage as well as a charm pack. I think it's illegal for me to show you a picture of the quilt! lol A pleasant surprised and you won't be disappointed! 

Cost $25.00 - including shipping

Quilters Retreat - by Border Creek Station - another mystery. Now, for you curious types, I made that quilt! ;)

Cost $25.00 - includes shipping.

What a long post! These are a bargain. Great way to de-stash. 

Thanks for helping me out here!

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